The SMARTiD SSO solution provided a cost-effective and rapid solution to our problem that has given a lot of benefit to our users in a short space of time
     - Chris Haughey, United Biscuits

Phone Locator

Business Problem

Organisations are under increased pressure to improve business processes and reduce revenue costs.  The ability to efficiently locate assets or people is vital to a business and can significantly reduce operating costs and increase business efficiency and throughput. Conduco has extensive knowledge around RTLS technology and the associated business benefits.

Solution Overview

Conduco Phone Locator uses Cisco IP Telephony and an RTLS (Real-time locating systems) infrastructure to provide full visibility of all of your assets across the organisation, locate valuable employees at crucial times and pinpoint staff with specific skills.

The application uses an intuitive, menu driven system that allows employees to locate assets quickly and easily. The system can locate the calling phone and as a result can present the results in order of proximity. This allows employees to locate the asset or person that is closest to them, thus improving productivity and efficiency.

RTLS solutions can be deployed across various sectors including; healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, aerospace, defence and retail. In all of these environments employees are frequently on the move and will not always have access to a computer, therefore utilising a wireless phone as the means to locate is highly efficient and convenient.


  • Locate the position of assets, employees and staff by area of expertise
  • Once an employee has been located they can be called or paged
  • When an employee is paged they will be informed of the location where they are required
  • Support for both wireless and desktop devices

Figure 1 – Locate an Asset

Locate an Asset

Figure 2 – Locate an Employee

Locate an Employee

Figure 3 – Locate an Employee by Skill

Locate an Employee by Skill

Business Benefits

Incorporating Conduco Phone Locator within an RTLS environment delivers the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved efficiency
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Theft prevention
  • Refined inventory management
  • Better temperature monitoring
  • Improved compliance rates
  • Enhanced employee safety
  • Increased customer throughput
  • Overall  reduction in costs

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