This simplified logon means that users are not writing passwords down next to their PC and are not sharing passwords - all important factors in improving network security.
     - Martin Powis, Bradford and Airedale Teaching PCT

SMARTiD Single Sign On

The Solution

As the number of applications being rolled out in organisations increases and the complexity of passwords increases, the results are user frustration, high volumes of helpdesk calls and security breaches through written down passwords.

SMARTiD Single Sign On (SSO) offers an affordable solution that allows application credentials to be stored securely and associated with a users network account. Once the credentials for an application have been added, the next time the application is launched, the user can be logged on automatically using SMARTiD SSO. The solution allows users to login in to the network and all of their applications with a single password. Credentials are added and stored securely in the Directory and follow the user around the network, meaning that application credentials are available at any PC on the network.

How does it work?

Each time a user loads an application that contains a username and password field, the user is asked if they want to add and associate the credentials to their network login. The details are encrypted and stored in the network directory against the user object, together with a unique identifier. The next time that the user loads that application, their credentials will be entered and they will be logged on to the application.  When an application password expires and a user is asked to provide a new password, SMARTiD interacts with the change process to capture the newly entered password and uses it to login to the application for future logins. Users can manage their own registered applications using the credentials manager feature from their desktop.


  • Provides a simple user interface for logon and for adding applications to the SSO store.
  • No administrator intervention is required.
  • User credentials are stored securely with full encryption and access controls.
  • Application credentials are stored securely against the user account within the network directory.
  • The solution fully supports users with multiple roles for an application. Users can enrol multiple credentials for an application. When that application is launched, the users are prompted to select which role they wish to log in as. 
  • Credentials can be securely cached locally to provide offline SSO to users who are not always connected to the corporate network, provided they still have access to an enrolled application.

Single Sign On

Business Benefits

  • Users now only need to remember one username and password (or PIN), simplifying their IT experience.
  • Typically, most organisations experience a 40-50% reduction in helpdesk calls enabling  lighter helpdesk staffing and decreased costs.
  • Freeing the helpdesk from password resets allows the delivery of increased service and support levels to the business.
  • Increased staff efficiency through removal of wasted time whilst passwords are reset.
    Increased security through passwords not being written down.

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