In addition, the powerful auditing and reporting of events that SMARTiD SSO offers enables us to monitor both staff and application usage and ensure that we can continually improve the service we provide to our users.
     - Martin Powis, Bradford and Airedale Teaching PCT

SMARTiD Two Factor Network Authentication

The Solution

SMARTiD provides organisations with a complete single sign-on solution that delivers access the network logon and local applications using a smartcard. By using SMART iD, employees only require a smartcard and PIN for direct logon to all required resources. Strong network and user authentication is becoming an increasing requirement in the quest for improved security. Smartcards are a great example of how this can be achieved through two factor authentication. A smartcard and PIN can be used to access the network, which means that employees no longer have to remember complex passwords and the security level is increased. Password resets also become a thing of the past.

How does it work?

The first time an employee logs in with the smartcard, SMARTiD enrols that employee by prompting for a network username and password. These details are encrypted and stored in the local directory against the user object, together with a unique identifier that matches the smartcard with the user. The user is now enrolled in the SMARTiD store. The next time the user wants to gain system access, they simply insert their smartcard along with the 4-digit pin. SMARTiD securely logs them on, without the need for a username and password.


  • Nothing is written to the smartcard, increasing security.
  • A simple user interface is provided for logon and self-enrolment procedure.
  • Full auditing of end-user enrolment and authentication is provided for compliance purposes.
  • No administrator intervention required.
  • End-user credentials are stored securely, with full encryption and access controls.
  • Configurable card removal policy options such as “Prompt User”, “Log Out” or “Lock Workstation” determines the action when a user removes their smartcard.
  • The solution is fully compatible with all types of smartcards and smartcard readers.

2 Factor Network Logon Overview

Business Benefits

  • Security is increased by using two factor, strong authentication
  • Helpdesk calls are typically reduced by over 50% , enabling lighter helpdesk staffing and cost savings
  • Employee efficiency is increased
  • The solution enables the introduction of strong, complex passwords for increased security compliance

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