Our users also benefit because they can quickly switch between applications without having to keep logging in each time. This has helped improve both user productivity and satisfaction.
     - Chris Haughey, United Biscuits

SMARTiD Fast Session Switching

The Solution

As the focus on compliance grows, shared logins are becoming increasingly unacceptable in many organisations. SMARTiD Fast Session Switching offers an affordable solution that allows users to roam around the organisation using shared workstations whilst keeping their own desktop session active. Using two factor authentication via smartcards provides organisations and their users with more secure and faster access to their roaming sessions.

Organisations are investing in Virtual Desktop and Thin Client technologies as a result of Green policies and the need to drive operational costs down. Shared workstations and in healthcare more flexible workstations are being introduced such as Computers on Wheels (COWS). The ability for users to securely and rapidly access these workstations is highly desirable.

How does it work?

A small SMARTiD client is installed on the Thin Client or connecting device. Users then insert their smartcard into the smartcard reader and enter their PIN. If the user is not enrolled into SMARTiD, they will be prompted to do so. User enrolment takes place by the user entering their Active Directory userid and password into the enrolment application. At this point, the user has assigned their smartcard to their AD account and is now enrolled.

SMARTiD will then launch the appropriate client software (VMware View, Citrix ICA, Quest Provision Client etc) to establish the connection to the roaming desktop. SMARTiD then automatically populates the required credentials into the login screen and the user is connected to their roaming session. When the user removes their smartcard from the terminal, the session is disconnected and the access client software closed down, ready for the next user. 


  • A simple user interface for logon and enrolling into SMARTiD is provided.
  • No administrator intervention is required.
  • User credentials are stored securely with full encryption and access controls.
  • The solution works with all Thin Client/Virtual Desktop infrastructures.
  • The solution is compatible with all smartcards and smartcard readers.

Fast Session Switching Overview

Business Benefits

  • Increased efficiency and enhanced user mobility is increased allowing session disconnection/reconnection by simply removing the smartcard.
  • Increased Security. By utilising strong, two factor authentication, SMARTiD can help to remove the security and compliance issues associated with remembering multiple passwords, such as writing down passwords.
  • Reduced Administration Costs.  By authenticating to VDI Sessions using a smartcard, users will no longer have to call the helpdesk to reset forgotten network passwords, drastically reducing the number of password related helpdesk calls.

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