We are delighted with the solution. It complements our existing infrastructure and enables staff to gain access to our VPN by means of a very simple log-on procedure using the NHS Smart Card.
     - Martin Powis, Bradford and Airedale Teaching PCT


The Solution

SMARTiD Remote Access Solution provides organisations with a low cost; two factor VPN solution that delivers secure, remote access to network resources. Remote employees only require a Smartcard and PIN to enable secure access to the organisations network.

Smart Cards are becoming more prevalent in organisations as a means of increasing security to both logical and physical systems. Two Factor VPN authentications have traditionally been provided by using One-Time-Password tokens, however these are costly to procure and maintain. The SMARTiD RAS solution enables organisations to use smartcards to provide a low cost, two factor VPN authentication solutions. Where smartcards are not in use, they are typically much cheaper to procure than the equivalent tokens.

How does it work?

A SMARTiD VPN Client is installed to work in conjunction with the existing VPN Infrastructure Client (For example Cisco, Checkpoint etc). Users are registered to use the VPN solution using the SMARTiD enrolment application. The enrolment process allocates a users smartcard to their Active Directory user account by taking details from the smartcard that are then encrypted and stored in the local directory against the user object. The next time the end-user wants to gain system access they simply launch the SMARTiD VPN Client and insert their Smart Card along with the 4-digit pin when prompted. Details of the login and Smart Card are passed across the VPN link to the RADIUS server which then checks the login details against the network directory. SMARTiD then securely logs the user onto the VPN.


  • Presents a simple user interface for logon and self-enrolment procedure.
  • Provides a full auditing of end-user enrolment and authentication for compliance.
  • No administrator intervention is required.
  • End-user credentials are stored securely, with full encryption and access controls.
  • Configurable card removal policy options such as “Disconnect VPN” determine the action when a user removes their smartcard.
  • There are options to connect to the VPN prior to logon so that a VPN can be established before the user logs in to their workstation.
  • The solution is fully compatible with all types of smartcards and smartcard readers.
  • The solution works with both IPSec and SSL VPN solutions.
  • Security is enhanced as the solution does not write data to the smartcard.

 2 Factor RAS Overiew

Business Benefits

  • Increased organisational security using two factor, strong authentication for VPN Access.
  • Significantly reduced management costs when compared to alternative solutions due to the cost of smartcards being low compared to maintaining One-Time-Password tokens.
  • Increased security by utilising strong, two-factor authentication. SMARTiD can remove some of the security and compliance issues associated with remembering multiple passwords.
  • Future proof.  By building on a directory-enabled framework and using open standards, SMARTiD enables organisations to take advantage of technologies such as door-entry systems and provisioning solutions.

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