In addition, the powerful auditing and reporting of events that SMARTiD SSO offers enables us to monitor both staff and application usage and ensure that we can continually improve the service we provide to our users.
     - Martin Powis, Bradford and Airedale Teaching PCT

Password Management

The Solution

SMARTiD Password Self Service allows staff to reset their Windows/Active Directory password securely and quickly without intervention from the help desk. It provides a rapid return on investment by improving end user productivity and enabling help desk staff to concentrate on more complex technical issues. Typically, 40% of all help desk calls are password related and the majority of these concern password resets or lock outs. Each time a user calls the help desk it means they are unproductive, while highly-trained help desk staff deal with a low-level problem. As the number of log in credentials that employees are expected to remember increases, SMARTiD Password Self Service reduces this hidden overhead and improves the productivity of your help desk staff and users.

How does it work?

When a user logs in to the network, they will be prompted to “enrol” into Password Self Service. The enrolment process will then ask the user to provide answers to a predetermined list of security questions. Once the user has provided answers to all of these questions, they are enrolled and able to use Password Self Service. In the event of a user forgetting their network password in future, they are able to click the “Reset Password” option at the login screen. Upon clicking the “Reset Password” button, the user will then be asked their security questions. If the user is able to successfully answer the questions, they will be able to enter a new password to gain access to the network.


  • Administrators can decide on the number of questions users must answer to enrol into Password Self Service. By using Group Policy, there is capability to have different configurations for different departments.
  • The questions that users are required to answer are fully customisable. The organisation can choose the questions that users will be required to answer.
  • Mandatory and optional questions can be set, for example, the software can be configured so that a user must enrol 5 questions of which 3 are mandatory and the remaining 2 can be selected from a list of 5 optional questions.
  • Fully compliant with any existing Password Complexity rules that have been set within Active Directory.
  • Once logged in, users can be provided with a utility to re-enrol their questions if they so desire (password confirmation is required before users can run the utility).
  • All password reset activity including enrolments is logged.

Password Self Service Overview

Business Benefits

  • Increased user productivity
  • Decreased helpdesk staffing levels
  • Improved help desk staff morale due to staff being freed up to work on more challenging problems
  • Increased security. As passwords are easier to reset, users are less likely to write them down near to their PC.

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