Now that users need only remember one password and user name to access all their applications they are much less likely to forget it..... a significant reduction in password-related calls to our help desk.
     - Chris Haughey, United Biscuits


The Solution

Many organisations have issues collecting accurate user information in IT systems. Providing a tool such as a web page for updating these details is common practice, but relies on the employee taking the time to visit and complete that web page.

SMART AD is an economical, easily deployed solution that ensures that your organisation’s Active Directory contains the most up-to-date employee information by forcing user information update. In doing this, SMART AD significantly reduces the cost of directory and information administration. Administrators can eliminate hours of work by simply deploying this self-service tool.

Once deployed, employees have the benefit of knowing that they have their correct details stored in the Active Directory and subsequently all of the IT systems that take their information from the Directory. Once deployed, users are more productive and can be confident that when they look for another users contact details, they will find the right information.

How does it work?

The administrator configures which attributes the users can update themselves, for example “Telephone Number” or “Department”.

On login, the user is prompted to insert/update their own attributes before they are able to continue to their desktop. The values inserted by the user are then stored directly against their user account within Active Directory.

Once logged in, users can also launch an application to re-check and update their details if required.


  • Group Policy is used to determine which attributes users can modify.
  • Different Policies can be set with different updatable attributes for different departments if required:
    - Department A can update “Telephone Number” only
    - Department B can update “Telephone Number” and “Department”
  • Drop down lists can be put in place to force users to select from a list. This is especially useful for maintaining a list of departments or locations.
  • Input masks can be used to force a particular format for data entry (for example, “Telephone Number” must contain 11 numbers).
  • Administrators can set the policy to prompt the user to update their credentials periodically (for example, every 30 days) on every login or a trigger can be used to force all users to update at a particular time.
  • There is an option to force users to update their details by disabling the “Cancel” option. The user cannot continue to login without reviewing/updating their details with this option set.
  • An application is available that can be deployed to allow users to maintain attributes after login.


Business Benefits

  • Increases employee and organisational productivity by ensuring that the correct details for staff are being held.
  • Allows staff to rapidly locate the right person in the right job function and contact them.
  • Ensures a more accurate Active Directory as an information source which can then be used to provide accurate information to other IT systems such as HR and IP Telephony.

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