Now that users need only remember one password and user name to access all their applications they are much less likely to forget it..... a significant reduction in password-related calls to our help desk.
     - Chris Haughey, United Biscuits


Solution Overview

The Conduco Broadcast application is a centralised, flexible solution enabling communication with employees through a number of different methods. Its flexibility allows this communication to take place by the most appropriate method for any given situation. For example, if by viewing an employees’ presence information, it can be seen that they are away from their desk, the most effective communication method may be through an SMS or a call to the user’s mobile phone.

Potential communication scenarios might include:

  • Organisational news being pushed  out to Cisco IP Telephones
  • A personal  telephone voice message to many employees
  • Emergency procedures and alerts
  • Notifications that require employee acknowledgment
  • Scheduled reminders
  • General information such as “The internet will be down ”


  • Enables the sending of an ad-hoc  or a scheduled message to an individual or groups of employees
  • Support for intercom style functionality to individuals or groups of employees
  • Ability to create communication groups for frequently contacted employees
  • Support for multiple communication methods including  SMS, email, Cisco IP Telephone and mobile phones
  • Complete audit of communication for compliance and reporting purposes
  • Microsoft OCS (Office Communications Server) integration for presence information
  • Integration with Cisco CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) to provide Click-to-Call functionality

Solution Diagram
Broadcast Solution Diagram

  • Visual messages, intercom style communication and audio calls can be made to Cisco IP Phones on the corporate network
  • SMS, email and audio calls can be received via a mobile phone
  • A PC/laptop can be used to receive email communication
  • The Conduco Broadcast application interfaces with Microsoft OCS in order to provide user’s presence information and integrates with an LDAP data source such as Microsoft Active Directory to obtain user information

Business Benefits

Increasing the speed of communication with employees and using more diverse communication methods delivers a number of organisational benefits:

  • Increased organisational agility in  contacting the right individual rapidly and increasing business response times
  • Competitive advantage  through this  agility
  • Decreased cost of communication
  • Increased  compliance through  the provision of a messaging audit trail

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