We are currently rolling out the solution to our many users and departments, the time savings that this has already realised on password resets will be more than enough to pay for the implementation of the application in the first few months.
     - Martin Powis, Bradford and Airedale Teaching PCT

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communication

Effective communication is essential to the success of any business, both in terms of internal communication between employees and external communication between the company’s staff and clients, suppliers and vendors.

Poor communication is likely to lead to misunderstandings, a lack of information, and a decrease in employees’ performance and will ultimately result in reduced profitability.

Due to the continuing advancement of technology, the manner in which day-to-day communication occurs within the business environment has significantly changed.  There are numerous ways to communicate, including email, instant messaging, desk phone, mobile phone and SMS. Being able to communicate via all of these mechanisms and utilising the most effective method at that point in time can be a challenge.

To address this, Conduco has developed a range of solutions aimed at effective communication within the large organisation. These solutions allow employees to communicate more effectively, rapidly and at a lower cost to the organisation.

The links below will demonstrate how these solutions can improve communication within your organisation.

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