In addition Smart Identity have taken a real partnership approach to this implementation and have handled all application integrations
     - Chris Haughey, United Biscuits


Conduco’s solutions fall into 3 areas; Real Time Location, Password Management and Corporate Communication.

Using RFID technology to locate assets is not new; however Conduco’s approach to RFID is. We strive to understand the business or process goal, and then bring the right solution to the table. Our innovations include the use of Cisco Wireless Phones to provide a simple to use, portable interface for employees and the use of multiple RFID technologies to fit the solution costs to the business issue.  Conduco has deep expertise in Real Time Locating Systems together with a desire to solve your business problems.

Password Management. Using Single Sign On technology to eliminate multiple application passwords is not new, however Conduco’s approach to SSO is.  We develop our SMART iD software here in Manchester, which means we have produced a flexible, richly featured world class product that we can rapidly deploy for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Whether you need to reduce helpdesk calls for password resets or increase security and compliance, you’ll be genuinely impressed with the flexibility, ease of deployment and low cost of SMARTiD.

In a world of email and information overload, it can be difficult to get the important message through. What happens when your organisation has a new policy, or company news has to get to every employee quickly? Conduco can enforce policy or information review and acceptance and record which employee has accepted terms. We can broadcast via fixed phone, mobile phone or through the login process.  Communicate!

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