Our users also benefit because they can quickly switch between applications without having to keep logging in each time. This has helped improve both user productivity and satisfaction.
     - Chris Haughey, United Biscuits


The introduction of the new Police National Database (PND) will mean smartcards will become common in all police forces. Smartcard technology can offer much more than PND access alone. Conduco’s “ Smart Card Centric “ approach to Police  systems drives down  costs and massively increases the range of innovative solutions that can be deployed on the back of the Smartcard investment:

Access to MDT Police Car systems. When an officer enters a police car, Conduco SMARTiD automatically provides fast access to all of the required IT systems. The results are far greater use of IT systems, increased safety on the move and an audit trail of which officers were present in a vehicle when a system was accessed.

Smart Door Entry allows a Police Force use the same smart card to access door entry systems and to centrally control access to all doors and buildings using one point of administration rather than having to maintain a large number of door entry systems. When a member of staff leaves the organisation, their access to all buildings can be automatically and instantly revoked, increasing security.

Asset Management allows firearms, ammunition and equipment such as body armour can be issued to an Officer and recorded as in possession of that Officer using a smart card. These items can also be tracked both inside and outside of Police buildings.

Prisoner Management. Integrating  with Prisoner Management Systems (such as Niche) allows prisoner information to be displayed and updated on screens in the custody area decreasing the risk to vulnerable prisoners (for example diabetics) and ensuring prisoners are checked on time. By displaying this information on mobile devices such as Blackberries prisoner processing times can be decreased releasing officers back to frontline police duties.

User Self Service Portal allows staff to request access to any available resources. Using simple workflow, managers can approve requests, at which point the user is granted access to resources such as weapons, door entry or software applications.

Secure Authentication. Finally, the Smartcard can be used to allow force staff to simply and securely access the force network and applications both internally and from offsite without the need for expensive “tokens” or multiple passwords. This increases security for encrypted devices used off police sites by taking away the temptation to write down passwords and increases user productivity and drives out cost for internal IT users.

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