This simplified logon means that users are not writing passwords down next to their PC and are not sharing passwords - all important factors in improving network security.
     - Martin Powis, Bradford and Airedale Teaching PCT


Information technology is the enabler to radically improve the efficiency healthcare delivery. Conduco built its business in the health care sector and our experience ensures that we really understand the key issues. There are a number of ways in which Conduco can help your trust:

Optimise resources. Efficient use of equipment will decrease purchase and rental costs and ensure that key equipment is always available when it’s needed. Understanding asset utilisation will enable more informed procurement decisions and better use of capital and revenue budgets.

Increase patient throughput. Through faster discharge processes, better bed management and faster location of key people or assets, the patient’s journey through the hospital system can be considerably speeded up.

Reduce wastage and loss. Preventing the loss of assets to other sites and ensuring that temperature sensitive items are never spoiled by being allowed to go out of temperature range will drive down operational costs.

Reduce risk. There are never enough PCs to allow dedicated access in a clinical environment. By replacing shared access to information systems with simple and fast clinician switching on the same PC, Clinical Governance issues are reduced. Unmaintained equipment presents a real risk to patient safety. This risk can be reduced by easily identifying and locating critical equipment for maintenance and consequently reducing the risk posed by equipment maintained late.  Equipment maintained too often costs you money.

Emergency planning. Personal mobile numbers and email addresses can change frequently. In the event of an emergency, the need for accurate contact details is paramount. Paradoxically, maintaining all of this information is a large trust can be expensive and time consuming.

Clinical Efficiency. Many clinicians need to access up to a dozen applications each day, managing the same amount of complex passwords that change on a regular basis. Simply linking all of these applications to a single password or the Spine Smart Card frees up a large amount of clinical time whilst ensuring that patient data remains confidential.

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