We are delighted with the solution. It complements our existing infrastructure and enables staff to gain access to our VPN by means of a very simple log-on procedure using the NHS Smart Card.
     - Martin Powis, Bradford and Airedale Teaching PCT


In a difficult trading environment, Conduco understands the implicit need to generate new revenue and to drive out operational costs. Our solutions are centred on enabling your organisation to gain a competitive advantage. Increased agility, less waste and better security is our corporate mantra.

Corporate Search and Communications. In a world of email overload, how do you rapidly send important messages and know that employees have read and understood those messages? What about employees reading and accepting important policies such as Health and Safety at work? Conduco enables a new level of communication through a variety of media and facilitates full reporting on uptake and acknowledgement.

Skill location. How do you rapidly identify a skill or business specialist if you don’t know the employee with that skill? Bring small company agility to the large enterprise by ensuring that staff information is accurate and up to date without expensive and time consuming administration.

Password Management

As the number of applications increases and new security policies demand more complex passwords, your employees either have to write down passwords, compromising security or log a growing number of helpdesk calls for password resets. By deploying single sign on, most organisations typically experience a 40-50% reduction in helpdesk calls enabling lighter helpdesk staffing, decreased support costs, increased staff efficiency through removal of wasted time whilst passwords are reset and increased security through passwords not being written down. Yet many organisations have not deployed any password management, due to the perceived complexity and high cost of Single Sign On solutions. SMART iD from Conduco bucks both of these trends, being low cost and fast to deploy.

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